2011 Mandala Completed!

The 2011 Mandala began on August 8 with a power wash of the surface. With a new design in mind Rob Marion lay down the geocentric lines forming the new pattern. A large spiral emerged holding seven spirals within! While volunteers painted the spaces white, we were joined by two young eagles perched on top of two adjacent trees at the site, whistling encouragement! Public painting commenced August 8 and the Mandala was completed in a record 3 days this year! A huge turn-out of beachgoers tuning into the summer finally kicking in and a full moon accounted for the mandala's enthusiastic and speedy unfolding. Thanks to all who dedicated their artful expressions and to those who helped by contributing energy in untold ways!

Creek Daze celebrations the following week-end blessed the Mandala with beautiful prayers, ceremony, and dancing. Interesting to note this 14th Mandala travelled full circle as the very first Mandala happened the day before Creek Daze in 1997!