2011 Mandala Begins within One Moon!

Hey Everyone! 

Please join us for the 2011 Mandala...an unfolding surprise for all of us! The Mandala virtually creates itself, its fourteenth year promises to mannafest sublime and exciting magic from hundreds of dedicated visionary dreamers, knowing full well the collective rainbow we co-create enlightens Real-ity!

News Flash! The Mandala has become part of the Roberts Creek Beach Park and as such enjoys holding sacred space.....a painted mirror upon which the community activates....including dance groups, hula hoop tribes, tai chi and martial arts practicioners, and a myriad of artistic expressions.....Thank-you all who helped us achieve this.....simply by being committed to our vision...peace and beauty rule! The mandala feels blessed to live in one of the most spectacularly gorgeous meetings of sea mountain land and sky under the sun!

Stay tuned here for updates on the new design and when painting will begin....!!!!