Roberts Creek Mandala Celebrates Twenty Years!!!

We celebrated twenty mandalas, this summer of 2017!!! The design was a maple leaf, with an intricate basket-weave design, a take on Canada's 150 celebrations, with the added caveat that we fully acknowledge that the myriad Peoples of the First Nations are the foundation of Kanata, and have 14,000+ years living in harmony with this land. Together, we go forward, mindful of the weave, with respect for the indigenous traditions that show us the way to caretake the Earth and all Beings.

Seed Mandala Sprouting!

The 17th Roberts Creek Mandala culminated with artist/designer Rob Marion filling in the center with a sweetly smiling sun! The seed theme of this year has been fully activated, with one day of heavensent pouring rain in the middle of our journey, and intermittent showers which sent painters scrambling! Over 550 painters took part; painting in the bright, hot sun which followed the rainy days was a memorable delight to share with everyone involved.  Mannafestival was well-attended, opening the circle with a ceremony led by heritage seed librarian Denise Lagasse, and featured great, live, local musicians & DJs, and theater & dance performances throughout the day. We joined many in the world celebrating the Day Out of Time; our community Seed Mandala resonates and ripples peaceful vibrations, & rainbow dreams & visions over the Earth & out into the Universe!   

Mandala 2014 : Our 17th Year!!!

Please join us in the creation of the 17th Roberts Creek Community Mandala! This year's public painting begins on Monday July 21st, from noon until 7pm, extending for four days until completion on Thursday July 24th. The Mannafestival will take place on Saturday July 26th from noon on, with music, ceremony, dance, & performances on the mandala. People are encouraged to set-up booths & tables of their crafts. Yay!  

2013 Mandala Honoring the Pollinators!

In conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Beekeepers Association, the organizers of the 16th Annual Roberts Creek Community Mandala are pleased to announce the theme of this year's painting : a prayer for our best friends on the planet : the bees! including every species of pollinator, wild & domesticated. In the ten day process of creating the mandala, our thoughts & intentions will be creating awareness, love, and respect for the divine creatures who pollinate our sources of nutrition, healing, and medicine on the Earth. Blessed Bee!

2012 Mandala #15

Yes it's true! The Roberts Creek Community Mandala is now 15 years old! We are happy

to have your continued support and participation! The mandala team led by template

designer Robert Marion, including Erica Snowlake, Pamela, Sullivan and Atom Messner,

Rebecca Stanley-Clarke, Katie Radymski and Hawkfeather Peterson will begin whitening 

in the new design mid-July.

All going well weather-wise, public painting will commence Friday July 20th at or around noon,

continuing for the next three-four days. The Mannafestival will take place on Wednesday

July 25th, with an opening ceremony at noon and a day of music, crafts, and vending

(vending is free and on a first come basis).

Please join us for an incredible experience of community + ART!

2011 Mandala Completed!

The 2011 Mandala began on August 8 with a power wash of the surface. With a new design in mind Rob Marion lay down the geocentric lines forming the new pattern. A large spiral emerged holding seven spirals within! While volunteers painted the spaces white, we were joined by two young eagles perched on top of two adjacent trees at the site, whistling encouragement! Public painting commenced August 8 and the Mandala was completed in a record 3 days this year! A huge turn-out of beachgoers tuning into the summer finally kicking in and a full moon accounted for the mandala's enthusiastic and speedy unfolding. Thanks to all who dedicated their artful expressions and to those who helped by contributing energy in untold ways!

Creek Daze celebrations the following week-end blessed the Mandala with beautiful prayers, ceremony, and dancing. Interesting to note this 14th Mandala travelled full circle as the very first Mandala happened the day before Creek Daze in 1997! 

Wow! rainy days......

Hey Everyone! We are experiencing a really rainy July so far and the mandala is delayed.....Rumor has it this week also forecasts rain.....we will see...Que Sera Sera!!! The Mannafestival is scheduled to take place Monday the 25th and will be a full day of music, dance, craft vendors : in the words of the late Jose Arguelles TIME = ART. Jose Arguelles wrote The Mayan Factor and our community is one of the places in the world which has embraced the revival of knowledge Jose shared, based on planetary synchronization, Mayan cosmology / astrology, and touching on the 2012 phenomena we bear witness to. 

We wait for an extended show of sunshine!!!! It will happen!!! This is a great lesson in patience and positive vibrations!

2011 Mandala Begins within One Moon!

Hey Everyone! 

Please join us for the 2011 unfolding surprise for all of us! The Mandala virtually creates itself, its fourteenth year promises to mannafest sublime and exciting magic from hundreds of dedicated visionary dreamers, knowing full well the collective rainbow we co-create enlightens Real-ity!

News Flash! The Mandala has become part of the Roberts Creek Beach Park and as such enjoys holding sacred space.....a painted mirror upon which the community activates....including dance groups, hula hoop tribes, tai chi and martial arts practicioners, and a myriad of artistic expressions.....Thank-you all who helped us achieve this.....simply by being committed to our vision...peace and beauty rule! The mandala feels blessed to live in one of the most spectacularly gorgeous meetings of sea mountain land and sky under the sun!

Stay tuned here for updates on the new design and when painting will begin....!!!! 

Mandala 2010

this years new mandala began on Tuesday the 13th of July with the sweeping of the site. The old shone through, albeit faded, yet one of the more distinct keepers in the mandala's story. A mild year meteorologically. Swept, smudged, and power washed. The design had been tooling round the back brain of Mandala co-founder and artist Rob Marion for months, and he looked for inspiration many times spending Creeker time around Chak-Chak point. One afternoon he spotted some dorsal fin activity off the pier and checked in binoculars to spot a pod of orcas in communal joy, perhaps fishing together. The sheer majesty of their freedom co-linked with the tragedy of the BP oil spill and the dire consequences for all sea life called into being a prayer for restoring the vibrancy and grace of the ocean and its dwellers, realizing we are all connected and dependent on the health of the water around us and in us.

Meanwhile, Erica Snowlake was escaping the Coast rainy season in Venice Beach, California, writing for local newspaper The Free Venice Beachhead about the calamity called The North Pacific Gyre, a swirling mass of billions of tons of plastic bags and floating garbage, and in another issue promoting the practice of Xeriscaping in order to address the average Californian's wasted usage of 40% of the imported drinking water for lawn-watering and car washing. Water seemed to be on her brain as well!


The Mandala was lucky to have an amazing crew on this its 13th year. We remarked we were going to finish on a full moon, and since honoring the 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Law and Indigenous Peoples has always been one of the Mandala's focus, the team decided to include a tribute to these 13 moons in the body of the design. The moons have been interpreted by 13 artists with the intention of dramatizing what each moon means to life on the Sunshine Coast. Thus we see moons representing: the Blank-spaced Full Moon (the cycle of art from beginning to completion), the Berry Moon, the Mushroom Moon, Harvest Moon, the Day of the Dead Moon, Snow/Solstice Moon, Silver Grey Moon, Candlemas Moon, Spring/Owl Moon, Frog Moon, the May Queen Moon, the Strawberry and Foxglove Moon, and the Mandala Moon coming Full Circle!    


 We rely strictly on donations every year and this year looked a little rough going into it. We held a yard sale early in June and raised some funds to get the ball going. We also asked several friends who are known for their culinary skills (Rashmi, Kelly Rielly, Lee Mason) and a few local restaurants (the Gumboot, Pepper Creek, Strait Coffee) to supply us and our volunteers with yummy food. With help from the community in Roberts Creek more funds rolled in daily, along with watermelons, cinnamon buns and fresh fruit. Crucial support from businesses like the General Store, GBS, and Benjamin Moore guarantee the mandala will shine brightly.

(to be cont.)  

The Chronicles of the Mandala begin...

This is a photo of the 2009 Mandala Crew. 

Left to right : Bruce MacLean, Pamela Messner, Robert Marion, Erica Snowlake, Sullivan Messner, Dean Schutz, and Atom Messner.

Erin Clarke, and photographer Chris Yeske, absent from photo, are also on the Crew.